In my work, I developed a concept from the Star Wars artbook. One of the most awesome ideas that never made it into the final cut of the “Rise of Skywalker” , a wizened and inhuman alien creature that helps guide Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren to the Sith planet Exegol. The Oracle was a symbiotic spider-legged monster living inside of and deriving its knowledge/power from the head of a giant, sleeping baby in the middle of a swamp.

«A giant emerged, a hairless creature sheening with wetness, bits of lake detritus clinging to its pasty skin. Its eyes were squeezed shut, but it could still see after a fashion, because draped over its massive bald head and across one shoulder was a second creature with long spidery tentacles. The two were locked in symbiosis. Kylo sensed the giant’s pain, as though it were a slave to the spidery being that clung to it. Yet neither could it survive alone.»

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