One Piece 3D fan art contest sponsored by Electric Geisha and Annex Labs

One Piece has sooo many awesome characters, some cute, some badass and so on
For this contest your goal will be to model a 3D character based on the series One Piece (manga,anime,films)
You can do a fan art, a redesign or create your own One Piece character (as long as it fits the Serie’s spirit)
You can model a battle scene with 2 characters if you want but keep in mind that quality wins over quantity
To judge this contest Yue Wang, Furio Tedeschi, Ben Lo, Rafael Grassetti, Daniel Williams (Point Pusher ),Kolby Jukes, Herbert Lowis and Rodrigue Pralier (Badkoala Rod)

How to participate:

Post all your work in progress images in the work in progress album folder
Make sure you submit your final image into the Final image Album
(Lets keep it organized, new albums or images not related to the concept will be deleted, spam and hateful comments will be deleted)

Final image Requirement :

Full 3d character, posed, with colors (textures or polypaint) rendered in any 3D software of your choice, if you want to render it in Maya, XSI, 3dsMax, Keyshot, Unity, Marmoset etc… you definitely can
Any pornographic/obscene contents will result in disqualification of the contestants
The challenge starts this Monday October 28th and the final images will have to be posted in the Final Image Album by January 20th
Electric Geisha generously offered to sponsor the contest and offered to do a 3D of the first two entries winners
1st - 12’ 3D print of the winner’s entry + Annex Labs Hammer blank statue
2nd - 6’ 3D print of the winner’s entry
3rd - Aokiji small ichiban Kuji figure + TBD

The objective of this contest is to keep the good art going and to inspire people. Please keep the spams to other groups.
Let’s start the grand adventure!!!

Like the DBZ contest the event is happening on Facebook :

but all images can be post in ZBC to show all your hard work
some helpful links :



here are some of the first wips from our contestants



please post only Characters from the One Piece series
all non One Piece models will be deleted from the event’s page

Kizaru WIP.

Finished modeling the base meshes for the clothing. Just need to model out the base mesh for the shoes than onto sculpting.
Thanks for creating this challenge and thread bad_koala! :+1:

I want to share with you my work in progress the character I chose, Roronoa Zoro, The cloth is almost done. The next step will be the organic area…
Hope you like it

Zbrush Viewport

Keyshot shot

Hi guys, This is the wip of blackbeard and i’m adding two crew member to him. hope you like it.



Oh these are fun, keep it up guys:+1:

Hey guys, For the One Piece fan art challenge, My pick is Franky the compassionate Cyborg !

Another WIP.

"frankyyy hair salon !!! "




I’m doing Buggy the Clown from One Piece what I have so far.


Buggy 1.jpg

Buggy 2.jpg


tried to match the style of the cartoon

So, finally I have my final entry for the contest, Ronronoa Zoro.
Hope you like it

It’s a wrap!
big thanks to all the artists who participated in this anime contest and to all those who stopped by just to look at some kick ass art
All the judges will now review the final entries and the winner we be announced soon

all the final entries can be seen here : One Piece 3D Contest Final Images