ONE EYE... (Valhalla Rising)

Hi Guys,
This model is an inspiration from the movie Valhalla Rising.
Image lInk :
Loved the feel of the character and decided to start on it.
Skin pore done with the help of Texturing XYZ .
Finally calling the high as done.

Small progress can be found here :

Feel free to Critic.



Just watched the trailer now as I haven’t seen the movie, you definitely got the likeness going on Mads Mikkelsen :slightly_smiling_face:. Nice work on the cloth and folds sculpting.


Thanks @jaime :slight_smile:

Really like the detailing, Good work bro keep it up.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Will you be turning this into a model kit of some sort? I’d love to get a copy of the head in 1/6 scale. Do you have copies available to sell?

Can you please mail it…

Thanks, I emailed you