Olivia Wilde WIP

This is a work in progress of an Olivia Wilde´s portrait. She don´t have hair yet.
I hope you like it!



I have added the hair and modify the lighting.
Any thoughts?
I hope you like it!


I have styled the hair, adjust the materials and the lighting.
I hope you like it ,any thoughts?


Hugo, did you do a low resolution planar version of the head before committing to a higher resolution sculpt? Right now, the proportions look really off and it might be because of an imperfect early forms.

Yes, i have done it but i´ll go back to it, Thank you!
This is the low resolution version :

I have been working on the face sculpt in zbrush and create some other props.
Feedback is always welcomed and i hope you like it!




Hi Hugo,
She defintly got the likeness to olivia but she still has that uncanny vally feel about her.
Maybe its her eyes?

Hi Jack,
Yes , i am currently working on the eyes ,thank you!

in my case, the head look more like Michael Jackson… rest in peace ^^;

I keeped working on the face.
Any thoughts?



the last one is better I think.
I especially like the hairs (fibermesh right ?) wich looks pretty nice for me.

How did you made eyes ? With spheres or sculpted in the mesh ?
I would suggest to use spheres (like in reality),
meaning before add sphere you ‘have to’ make cavity of the eyes, maybe begin to construct eyelids then add spheres, adjust eyelids position, etc.

ps: work with references can help a lot, especially when reproducing personality. for instance, you can use Spotlight to show them. You have just to import them throught texture menu, and then select one photo/image, and clic on “add on spotlight” (texture menu).
Anyway, if you don’ t give up, I think you can do lot of progress. Just do not hesitate to look tutorial of course, of how to sculpt human face, eyes, noze, etc… and you can also watch how others do. I mean professionals have videos showing them sculpt, it can help a lot.

-Yes, is a mix of fibermesh and the hair an fur modifier in max.
-The eyeballs are spheres.
and thank you for the feedback! I will keep working on it.

This is at a similar phase as my attempt of sculpting Renée Felice Smith that I did for a digital sculpting class in spring. And I was just going to pick up this sculpt again to make it usable for a character model/sculpt for a personal animation I’m doing, and making a different hair style to match my character.

To me, it seems like you did start off with a skull or reference base mesh because you are nailing many key landmarks. If possible, try to switch to a lower subdivision (more than one if possible) to smooth the overall form without loosing the overall texture and quality of the surface. Turn off the color portion of the smooth tool and reduce the strength of the smooth brush to gain more control over it.

Rendered with Zbrush.
Any thoughts?

I have continued with the face in Zbrush, i hope you like it
Feedback is always welcomed!


The face geometry looks like you have a better control over it, and is more filled out like the actual persons face.

The hair is a completely different animal all together when it comes to sculpting / grooming.
Pay some attention to the smooth brush because in it’s default state, it will act more like scissors when getting a hair cut if you don’t set it’s FiberMesh brush settings to Preserve Length --> 100. This got me for a long time until I finally got a book explaining this.

Don’t be afraid to group your hair into polygroups.
Ah, there’s my old post
I started off with no groups, and then few groups to more groups to give me the control needed for the parts.
I’m using the same face sculpt for my current sculpt right now.

I have rendered just the face without hair in Vray.
Feedback is always welcomed and i hope you like it!

I have worked in the face and a new hair.
Feedback is always welcomed and i hope you like it!


No sorry, it’s still really weird. The model is still way too lumpy and uneven all over the place. You need to go back an work at lower level form then worry about refining fine details like skin texture and hair later.

Lots of improvement from previous posts. Congrats

There are still areas to improve.
On the sculpting side, the outer corners of the eyes are very deep, a little too deep. Some of that shadow is actually baked on via the dark makeup like eyeliner and eye shadow and even her eye lashes in the your reference. To correct it, use the smooth brush, with color side off, and intensity can be like a strength of 15 - 30 and many strokes to even it out.
Skin pores can be a little less strong. But of major importance is that it looks too symmetrical. This is one of the cases where I recommend temporarily turning off symmetry. This is for the forehead, nose, lips, chin, and neck. The reason I say this is that at the line of symmetry, is forming unnatural shapes of pores.

On the grooming side.
Some of the FiberMesh is going under the head sculpt, making her look a little bald. To correct this, one of the groom brushes is going to need to be used to tease the hair a bit to lift it out of the scalp. Once the roots are going the way you want, make sure to mask them out so you don’t change their direction as you adjust the rest of the hair.