Oliro Sketchbook

Hey zbrushers !
I decided starting my own Sketchbook !

when i see the amazing work here … I hesitated to make it because my level!
Anyway, i am here to progress and learn.
A lot of stuff inspire me here …
i spent too much time on my firt wip and was a bit frustrated.
So, here is my second work on zbrush :

Character : Atala

Made with a sphere and one retopology.
Hope you like it ^^
Pics :


Turntable :


Cool. Looks like Ivory.

Yeah good point Jaystein it does. Really nice the the material works so well with the sculpt. I also really like the material you choose for the eyes.

Good job :+1:

Hey Oli! Glad to see you´ve started your own sketchbook! Finally! :slight_smile: It will be fun to watch!
Great work on Atala and cool Turntable! :slight_smile: :+1:
Keep it up! It seems like you´re learning quickly!

@ jaystein777 : Thank you for your comment ! i use a matcap ivory from Gw!.

@ scottleroc : Thanks ! I visited your thread :+1: love your crab ! amazing sculpt and details !! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

@ Moni-Poroni : hey dude ! thanks for your comment ! i hope my sketchbook will be uptade soon :wink:


Nice start OlirO :wink: your statuette material looks like ivory heh
You should sculpt his body too, would be great one :wink:

Thank you Aumakua for your comment !
You and a lot of guys here gives me a lot of motivation.
It’s a great pleasure for me discovering this amazing software !
Excepting for my wife, she said ! i look like a zombie :lol:

Hey guys !
A little update with a quick wip.

I try to make my first “human” work. I think a little bit cartoon…
That’s my first try … no reference, excepy my mind … So, if you see proportion problem, you are welcome ;).
I already see some things to change…



HI guys !
Quick update of Humphrey.

Damn, it's so hard making humans !! I try to take more attention on the proportion ... Hope it was not a lack of time :confused: There are problems again, i think it's better




Nice sketchbook, OlirO! Looks like you’re making good progress. And the eyes you make have a lot of life to them. :+1:

haha no worries, we all look like zombies from time to time!
Nice update :wink: put some more color on the eyes !

Nice start on your sketchbook. I look forward to your updates :+1:

Hi OlirO, love the Atala sculpt! On the Humprey sculpt: Kudos for having the guts to post “practice” WIP shots! Can already see some nice shapes comin’ through :+1: !

Thank you guys for your kind words.

@Marsyas : Thank you very much. No merit for me for the eyes, i use a matcap. But, i actually make another texture to make my own :wink:

@Aumakua : Oh yeah ! 3d takes a lot of time but so much pleasure.
in france, we have an expression "Quand on aime, on compte pas " :smiley:

@ Captain sensible : Thanks for coming here ! U are welcome !

@ Etcher : I am very happy you love atala !
For my “practice” WIP shots! i hope in further month looking them to see my progression. for me , this sketcbook, it 's like a love story with zbrush :slight_smile: So i show everything and nothing hidden :wink:

Oops… missed some updates. I didn´t visit your thread for a few days. I´m a little bit busy with the two cgcoch entries. :slight_smile:
If I ceck the two Humphrey WIP pics against each other I can definitely see a good progress on the proportions.
Are you going to model some hair, too?

@ Moni : Thanks my friend for your comment ! I started the hair ^^

I worked a little on the shape, on the mouth Try to make some hair with alpha technique, mask and move tool ^^ First try :) i think i will see other technique. I spend a lot of time on the eyes ... texture (more colors like say aumakua) and material to apply. Here is a quick update. [](http://%20%5BATT=144210%5D1.jpg%5B/ATT%5D)[![2.jpg|800x600](upload://zci0JMXhf0yyzTtCrByXLYFk9J7.jpeg)](http://%3Cfont%20color=%22#9A9A9A%22%3E%5BATT=144210%5D1.jpg%5B/ATT%5D%3C/font%3E%3C/a%3E) Cheers. OlirO



Hello !
Let me introduce you THORG !
He comes from a planet called “Ataru” :smiley:
Base : polysphere.
I don’t know if i retouch it after (too much specular on matcap :slight_smile: ) , just make it for fun ^^
Hope you like it…


Cool character!! Really like Thorg, look forward to see the next update on him :+1: :sunglasses:

Spimmy : Thanks you my dbz friend :wink:
i decided to make another character, i have to progress my sculpting workflow … Sculpt , sculpt and sculpt again, i think , it’s the better way to progress and create my own style.


Gotta’ love those alien heads! On the head sculpt: you might wanna’ check out Cemond’s thread (page 7 posts 92 and 97) I gave him some tips on sculpting the human head, maybe they can be of some use to you.

See ya!