THis is some great fibre work. Your current thumbnail in the Recent images gallery does not do it justice, I almost missed this.

hot fibermesh action action action… :+1:

WOW!! amazing job, top row for sure!!

Great!!! :+1:

SICK mate really outrages work on your lion, you really turned him into life - GREAT ONE MATE:+1:

Beautiful work! So you can pose the fibermesh too?

Well, the master beat me to it, but tamed indeed! Thank you for the breakdown. Well done!

The lion… magnificent!

Thank you video

Do not pose in a fibermesh status…

Lion eye polypainting+meterial HD mov.


thank you…

Hey, I think your lion is awesome! One thing to make it better perhaps, the dotted fur on his muzzle should correspond to the position of his “moustache” (longer hairs)

Thank you for sharing. I am going to be working on some eyes soon, this will be helpful, thank you.
I love the Lion head.

Beautifully polypainted eyes. I just assumed you used spotlight and a photo of a real lion eye. Well done thanks for sharing.

You are awesome painzang, I learned a lot watching your tutorials.
If someone hasn’t seen it yet, here is the link to his awesome tutorials:


Any chance you got time to do a nice the fibermesh brushes tutorial?

Thanks a lot for sharing your techniques.

Zbrush render Pass image compositing in Photoshop


Perfect !!!

haha thank you~

OMG, the power of fibermesh in awesome hands! this is perfect
why is not top row?

Very Cool… Love the Light you have captured in this piece…good stuff :slight_smile: