.:: OLD MAN ::. thankx to Jit_gohil

Hi This Is My 2nd Work At Zbrush i wana thankx to JIT_GOHIL he Helped me Alot in learning Zbrush He Provided me very helpfull links that made my life easy :slight_smile:

Im Trying to Texture it but i dont have TEXTURES :frowning: I saw the tutorial TEXTURING FROM PHOTOREFRENCE

but I dont Find GOOD PHOTOREFRENCE for texturing 3d.sk Needs Membership :frowning: i m looking for free one Ur Kind help is Needed To Learn :slight_smile:

I Hope To See Some replies :slight_smile:



umm, I think you forgot to upload pic… or I’m not seeing it…

ah there it is! nice start!

sorry i got mixup i uploaded 2 same image at a time after editing i removed both :lol: Now Itz there

Nice start. The next thing you have do is to study anatomy. Believe me this is extremely important. Good luck. :+1:

Yeah, Vlad is right, somewhere along the line, you’ll need to study a bit of anatomy - look around you at real faces, see the shapes, wrinkles, textures, etc…
How many polys is this head at the moment?
When you start the model, try to get the basic shape you’re after from early on, before you increase the number of polys - this will make it easier in the later stages.
For now though, have fun learning, look at as many posts on this forum as possible - the answers to most of your questions will be right here.

Watch the zscript in the attached Zip file (I wish I could remember who to give credit to as it’s an excellent script). This will help you a lot for the sculpting.
Laters, Jit.

Yes I have started Learning Anatomy from ur suggestions
hmm as far as poly count is concern i dont know how to count on Zbrush as I havent exported to 3ds max

To get poly count, with the tool selected (your model), just place the cursor over the tool image: (no need to press any buttons)


thnkx for that Help :wink: the SCRIPT is Good Too :slight_smile: