Old man from Sweet home

Hello everyone, this is BH3D coming to you another day, showing another
3D modeling/3D printing work!
Today, we are here to show you the 3D sculpting and printing
of one of the characters from sweet home!
The author has not revealed the identification of the character, as of now we will call him “Old man.”

Old man


We made a head sculpture of him, to be used on other action figure bodies!
almost like a doll, he looks sprice, and almost like a war veteran.
you can tell from his facial features that he has gone through a lot of events, and with his past experience coming to aid him in his battle!
The scar of the veteran is almost like a badge of honor amongst the soldiers.

3D sculptings

3D modeling of the model was tricky, due to transitioning 2D art into 3D; If you go too much into real details, it could break the immersion of 3D modeling that this is the 2D character, and if go too casual/stylized it could lead to too much away from 3D aspects.

** 360View of the model**

We kept the boundary of stylized and realistic modeling to its core, just to bring the modeling to its spot where it is good.
On to the 3D printed, and painted!

3D printed and painted

painting of the model was done skillfully from our artist, and his facial tone and scars were dealt properly, since we are transitioning 2D from to 3D.

액션피규어용헤드 액션피규어헤드 액션피규어헤드커스텀 웹툰피규어주문제작 커스텀피규어 개인주문제작
As I’ve mentioned in 3D modeling part painting is another method of bringing 3D sculpts into life, where texturing is done through brush and paints!
As you can see I could safely say, the artist really nailed on the part of doing excellent work!
skin tone, done beautifully, hair coloring, where the hair lines are detailed and brought to life, eyes, and other facial details too!

Next time we will follow you up on more 3D modeling and 3D printings!
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