Old man Anatomy study-St.Jerome.

Hello Everyone!
Finally I found some time to finish the sculpt St.Jerome- highly inspired with sketch by Colleen barry .
Entire work done in Zbrush.Initially started with dynamesh pose then sculpted the details. I always love to do the sculpt after pose which helps me lot in understand the human anatomy .
collected many other references to understand the pose.
Final render done in Maya arnold and composited in photoshop
For high resolution please visit my artstation

Video turntable:


wow phenomenal study! I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a top row for this :slight_smile:

Thanks Fynn for your wonderful comments!

Great job on this!

quite nice, and i agree, sculpting after posing helps to learn so well, and is also much more fun than symetry all the time,

id maybe try to work a bit on the area below the navel down over the legs to the feet aswell as the arms a bit, they feel young, muscular, too perfect for a guy his age,
he probably lived a long live, got fat and thin, has floppy skin, wrinkles and blemishes…

Beautiful sculpting! Congrats on making the top row!:+1:

beautiful work!

Congrats on toprow again brother.

Very nice detailing, Great stuff Santosh!!

well done, awesome studying.

…style! :sunglasses:

amazing work :+1:

It`s perfect _ Anatomy, light, composition - everything!

Amazing job. I especially like the orange render. It’s stunning. What time did it take to complete this (from start to finish)?

Knew it will hit the Top Row… Congrats bro… Sweet sculpt.

simply beautiful…

Thank you All for your appreciations…

@joostbouwer… It took me a month time…but not a continuous work…on and off daily an hour time, mostly Lunch crunch…

Very nice sculpt!! :+1:

Hi Anand!
I am so glad you liked my artwork…:+1:

Finely Crafted and Masterful Lighting! Excellent Work :+1: