Old Man 3d Sketch

Hey everyone! Here’s some images from a 3d head sketch. Most of the secondary shapes were sculpted asymmetrically for increased practice and naturalism. Used ClayBuildup, Claytubes and Move Brush.



Great work!.


Spent two hours this morning doing a first pass on the tertiary details. There’s a lot to improve on the next pass but it should serve as good conversation fodder for the class I’ll give on creating tertiary details at Outgang.


JUst WOW!!no words

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Nicely done @Lipstick, really like the pronounced anatomy landmarks. Solid.

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Here’s a nicer render using Marmoset 4. Still lots of details to improve! Details fully created in Zbrush, no scan or bought textures or anything.

There is a little bit of Clint Eastwood :slight_smile: Looking great Laura!

Thanks a lot Jaime! You’re spot on haha! Mix of Clint Eastwood, Rutger Hauer and Ed Harris.

Here’s a breakdown of my tertiary skin detail techniques with Zbrush for those who are curious:

Very useful tips. Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Thanks for providing the video, and yes, a lot of very good tips :+1:

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Some progress! Been handsculpting the finer wrinkles. Pretty much all claybuildup/claytubes.

Reactivated the tertiary detail layers and created an albedo with Painter. WIP render in Marmoset. There’s things to improve for sure but here’s progress: