Okay, so I'm finally playing with my extra large Wacom tablet, guys...

…let me know if I’m understanding its practicality. I’m assuming it’s basically meant to function like a huge computer mouse, only giving one more of the “feel” of traditional drawing, am I right? Does this Wacom do anything else that I’m not aware of?
I’m having a hell of a hard time playing in the Sculptris program. I can’t seem to make a face! I suck at this! Perhaps I’ll trying drawing something in photoshop or my sketch program first, and then simply import it into Zbrush.

Dude, no one told me digital was such a STEEP learning curve! Give me a pencil or paintbrush, and I can immediately give you magic, but this Zbrush stuff is, like, WHOA! Holy crap, it’s hard! :smiley: :evil: :frowning: :mad: :lol:

I thought it`s some wicked spam thingie :slight_smile:

The Wacom tablet takes a bit of getting used to but once you do get used to it you wont want to part with it.
Sculptris works flawlessly (for me anyway) with them and ZBrush is great though a number of parts of the tablet are not supported and using the tiny little sliders is better left for the mouse in most cases.

If you are finding that what you do is making too large a change you can adjust the strength of your brushes in both programs.

Sculptris is a very short learning curve where as ZBrush is a bit steep at first.
If you stick with it you will see that it is a stunning program, its more than worth it, I promise.

Also just so you know, you do NOT suck at it, you just lack practice and that will come and once it does it gets easier faster and faster.

I started off with Sculptris, got totally addicted and then got ZBrush cause I wanted more, then I got a tablet and went nuts learning, if ZBrush was heroin I would be dead enough for a thousand people. Nice image huh?



:lol: I don’t intend on giving it up…I’m waaay too fascinated by it to do that. I’m just not used to it. I’ll keep practicing! I’m gonna try to import one of my sketches! Wish me luck!

Stay fascinated! That will keep the problems and hurdles well in hand!

What Puzzle said!