Oil Slick Mermaid! (Nudity)

Hi All,

I posted sometime ago my WIP and here is the finished piece!
I was wondering about what a modern day mermaid would be like, with some subtle goth and steampunk influences.
This is going to be the start of a series of creatures and I learnt SOO much about Zbrush doing this!!!
I’ve also utilized some of the new features in R2 and R3.
I used Dynamesh for the Base Mesh of the Mermaid, the fishermen legs in the BG and the fish on the ground.
I used FibreMesh for the eye lashes and also for the seaweed bits on the rope around her chest.
I used the the new noise features to do the rusty, barnacled bath tub. It was all rendered inside Zbrush using BPR (I love BPR) and then composited in Photoshop. Was a fair bit of work but I loved doing it!

I hope you guys like this! Feedback and comments would be greatly apprecited.




Nice work Andy. I love the concept and your attention to detail is wonderful (like the fish hook in her mouth). Her smoking a cigarette cracks me up.

Love to see more.

Thanks for the comments MontanaMan, I’m glad you got the humour in it too! :+1:

Here’s a closer up picture so you can see the details a bit clearer (and the nipples ;))


I liked all the features except face. :+1:

thanks kyawthuaungba, can you tell me what you don’t like about the face?
This will be good for me next time!

Because of flat nose and thick lip.
Cheers trickmonkey :wink:

thanks, I’ll keep that in mind for the next one!:smiley:

The fish hooks are a nice touch!

thanks crins, I wasn’t sure how far to push the whole body piercing side of it!

Snap008 2012-03-17, 18_37.jpg

thanks blue ferret!!
When I get a chance I’ll have a play to try those things you suggested!