Ohmarshian Race | W.I.P

Ohmarshian Race is a made up name i came up with. They are a race of beings are from ceti, peaceful sector. I am currenlty modeling this creature within 3d max v9. I am mixing up a few bug parts together and creating a bipedal creature along with it. later on ill drop tis into zbrush to apply the final detials. ill be back

Ohmarshian Race | Sculpt


whoaa! cool design :+1:

lear, hey thnx for the comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I modelled in the arms, defining the shape a bit more. The hand will come next, then the legs… Ill post again when i have the legs and the hands done. Il be back.



I’m curious as to why you are doing this kind of modeling in 3DS as it is basic and can easily be done in Zbrush and faster. Especially as you have basic block shapes to work with which could just as easily be replaced with a zsphere structure to start with. I’m sure you have your approach for a reason, but I am curious when people do not seem to be using the best tool for the particular project.

Please note: I am not criticizing you as I don’t know enough about your concept and goal for this character. You just don’t seem to be using Zbrush 2.0 to the extent that you could. :wink:

Jason Belec: Yeah totally agree with you, but i wanna spend the time to build the flow of the cage first, still gutta keep in that traditonal modelin at all times. it is best to achieve the modelin first then to detail afterwards.

Here are the fingers only, ill prolly have to reposition them once i get the palm of the hand set in. ill post once thats done hehehe
Fingers Concept:

I like it very much!
I can’t wait to see the progress of the model

I think you missed the point I was trying to express. Traditional is wonderful, but processes must evolve. The pipelines I set up internally and for others change as often as possible incorporating anything that saves time. Time is money. That said, I’m not faulting you or anyone else on sticking to previous approaches, just encouraging somethin new as it is spring with the ‘new’ everywhere. :wink:

That looks fantastically promising! I’ve not seen anything like this before. Cool. :+1:

The level of modeling you display is just beautiful. I cant wait to see how you will convolve and evolve the piece once you feel confortable with the base you are making. :+1: Its a treat to watch how you are going through the stages of creation on this one. Very, very cool. :sunglasses:

Hello, thnx for the comments! finnally finished the basic structure of the arms and hands, now thats outa da way, time to move on the its legs :slight_smile: ill post that when i get more done :slight_smile:

Hands and wires:




I don’t know what to say :eek:

Very original hands. I like them.

Very original! Can’t wait to see this one finished!

MDB101 this is great work. i can’t wait to see this guy finished. excellent work…keep it up.

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

forgot to say what a great job you did on those hands!!! :smiley:

Great design. Nice clean model. Keep it coming.



Hey thnx for the comments!. okay, modelled the foot concept today… may change once attacted to the ankles, Ill be back.


beautifull man !!

wonderful work man, can’it wait to see the finished model!



looks like it’s going to be a fine piece.:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Does it all end horribly and he ends up on some seafood platter?