Sup all!

I’ve been working on this guy the last little while and decided its time to post and move on. He was the demonstration material I used for my GAI class that recently ran. Originally the plan was to add hair but laziness prevailed and I need a break.

I used Texturingxyz for for the tertiary details and skin projections, substance painter to add further breakup and details. The high res shots are done in Zbrush and Keyshot, and the final in Toolbag.

Thanks guys! Crits and comments are welcome as usual.




ogre_key small.jpg

ogre comp small.jpg

awesome piece Adam

I love the result.

awesome sculpt! :slight_smile:

Great work!

If you ever get a chance to take this class, do it!

Adam was a fantastic teacher, everything explained in a precise way, no shortcuts.