Ogre miniature - The Dead Keep

Hello everyone,

Long time user, first time artwork poster :blush:

I’ve been working in the tabletop miniature industry for the past 18 years :open_mouth::dizzy_face::dizzy:
I started out sculpting traditionally and when I transitioned to ZBrush in 2015 I never looked back!
I’d like to share some of my work with the awesome ZBrush community, starting with this Ogre sculpted for “The Dead Keep” - an upcoming board game by cmon.

For this project I had the privilege to work with concepts painted by the one and only Paul Bonner. It’s always a pleasure to transform Paul’s works into miniatures. :heart:

The miniatures are sculpted in 35mm scale (for a humanoid) and this big boy is around 82mm to top of the head.
Sculpted entirely in ZBrush, rendered in Keyshot.

Paul’s fb profile: www.fb.com/paulbonnerart
Here’s the preorder page for the game where you can find more pictures and info:

Hope you like this one and … more sculpts incoming!

You can also find more here:


These are absolutely astonishing!!!

Thank you! You are too kind. :blush:
I feel like Paul’s art almost translates itself into sculpture. There’s very little guesswork and little to no 2D cheats. It all just works.