Odalisque with Tambourine

Odalisques are known as sex slaves of harem of sultan. But historically, they were rather a chambermaids, a female attendants in a seraglio or a court ladies. The European artist was very much attracted by the image of odalisque. It’s almost mythological image assosiated with beauty oriantal women, oriental dances, harem and sex slavery. Maybe one of the best known examples in this art genre is the Grande Odalisque by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Odalisque by Eugene Delacroix. And certainly Odalisque by Henri Matisse. I’d also inspirited by Frank Frazetta art and his expressive lines, shapes and movements of the figures. My Odalisque is a continuation of Hyborian age theme )) Odalisque is a Hyborian woman full of sexuality and barbarian energy…




Odalisque with Tambourine_full figure_10.jpg

Odalisque with Tambourine_full figure_18.jpg

Odalisque with Tambourine_4.jpg

Odalisque with Tambourine_details_9.jpg

Odalisque with Tambourine_details_9_.jpg

Odalisque with Tambourine_full figure_14.jpg