Octopus Brooch

Octopus Brooch :octopus:, design I sculpted during my latest ZBrush Live streamings, hope you enjoyed the process!

here you can watch them:

Hope you like them! :blush:


I forgot to attche this render I made during the designing process, it based on the pavés layouts normally made on the wax carved models where you paint over the surface for the gems distribution and sizes choice.

Also here you can see the real baroque pearl used for the scanning

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-27 at 17.48.42


Wow!! Thank a lot for the top row ! I really appreciate it, and thanks to all of the people who attended the streamings and helped me during the design process, you rock! :smiley:

Lovely, I shall wear it to my next masked ball in Venice :sunflower:

Thanks mate!! Yeah, good choice! :grin::+1: