Octop's art dump

Not much of a poster usually, but here goes…I’ll try to keep this thread updated.
Crits, comments and questions are more then welcome!











Great sculpts! Love to see more posts. :smiley:



Wonderful works. How you make hare and fabrics?

I second that. Looks wicked. Would be nice if you could share with us how you did the hair.

I wonder, how did you do that Tarzan dude’s hair?

Thanks for the comments,
The leather part of the pants was made by masking parts of the model and extracting it. My mask ended up being quite crappy so i turned it into a dynamesh to drag out some extra shreds.
All hair was made in max with the hair/fur modifier, and turned into mesh.
I’m still not sure where to take that guy, final pose and weapons and such.

Thanks. keep it up would like to see more from you.
also loving the alien and tiger

great stuff, you have a good knowledge of anatomy! did you learn by yourself? is there any book or course that you can recommend us?

Yea I’m self taught. I’ve got half a dozen or so anatomy books in my bookshelf and also the male and female anatomy figures from anatomytools.com, but I mostly used bodybuilder photos as my reference.
I rarely open my books nowadays, although i should…but here’s 3 titles that i like:
-Human Anatomy for Artists by Andras Szunyoghy
-Human Anatomy for Artists: The elements of form by Eliot Goldfinger
-Strenght training anatomy by Frédéric Delavier

thank you very much!