Hey guys, I’ve been working on this little octodon and finally rendered it. I am experimenting new render style stuff so please give me feedbacks ! Thanks !



Looking good mate, love it!

I love this! It has a hand-crafted look to it that works really well!

Looks great @Lospri, can you describe your render process? what were you looking for exactly?

Thanks guys !
@Jaime I wanted to try a clay/real sculpture still a bit rough. I basically sculpted that in Zbrush, then I imported the highpoly directly in Blender. The goal was to have a nice render of the sculpt without spending time in technical stuff like retopo and UVs. In Blender I setup a shader with box projection and a nice blend to avoid seams with nice clay maps from Jama Jurabaev. I did 2 renders then picked my favorite clay strokes to compose the image. Then few tweaks and post process in Photoshop of course. I am pretty happy with the result for the time I spent on it, The sculpt was about 5-6 hours and the render+compositing took me 4 hours I’d say