Octane ZBrush is on the way???

OMG is this true?

Just saw this on 2 months old news: (Excerpt)

Deep pixel rendering: OctaneRender 3 adds deep pixel rendering support, as well as live connecting of DCC and compositing apps through Octane plug-ins for Pixologic’s Zbrush and The Foundry’s NUKE. OctaneRender 3 will also ship with a built in plugin for Adobe Photoshop that will properly handle multi-layer EXR files and support live deep pixel layer composting within Photoshop. Artists can open, create, and save ORBX media files introduced in OctaneRender 3, including planar and volumetric light fields, directly within Adobe Photoshop.


Greater third-party application support
OctaneRender currently supports 21 third-party applications through plugins, enabling seamless GPU-based, unbiased rendering in the most popular 2D and 3D graphics applications:

  • Previously announced OctaneRender plugins for The Foundry’s NUKE, Side Effects Software’s Houdini and Autodesk’s MotionBuilder are currently in broad public betas and are set to be released shortly.
  • Plugins for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop will follow shortly afterward, followed by a plugin for Pixologic’s Zbrush.

Whoa I’m going to faint!!! When when when…???

Huh no-one is excited about Octane, one of fastest physical renderer in the market? One plugin is enough for ZBrushers? Surprising…

I look forward to the plugin. For now, Keyshot is fine for me.