Obsidian Juggernaut (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Hey, guys… so I decided to create a thread dedicated to this character so I can get more focused feedback and get this guy ready for action. Today’s focus was working on his armour and making it more decorative than functional (besides, being nearly invulnerable, who needs functional armour?), learning about how to construct the armour in a way that it feels believable and he will be able to move in it quickly. In the shots below, and after watching World of Warcraft for reference, I started off modelling each piece of leather armour and have it in key places where I think it would fit him. In reality, he would be easily killed in a dressing like this, but he has tough skin, so he has nothing to worry about.

There is still more work to be done on his armour including setting it up so that it can be simulated in Marvelous Designer. The fauld will be an interesting design approach. I will say, I LOVE modelling in perspective… It helps SO much.


For his skin, I decided to go for a bluish, grey feel to give the leather armour some contrast, especially in scenes where he will be surrounded by a fiery hell (He is from Styx) and dramatic lighting. I was inspired by
Doomsday and Darkseid to go for this colour scheme, especially with the use of cavities to influence the roughness maps for his skin. These polypaint colours are just for reference and will change in Substance Painter when I am ready to texture him. The end result will be in Modo where he will also be animated via mocap.


– Refine his anatomy more (I want to lessen the muscular details and get softer forms). The knees and thighs will need more work.
– Create some metallic ornamentation that will be added to the armour and detailed using displacement maps. I could also just model the ornaments outright and using Displacement maps for details.
– Do an overall detail pass on his skin using HD Geometry.
– Concept his weapon and shield.
– Figure out a workflow for creating the Displacement Maps for corrective blendshapes for rigging.



C&C is also welcome. Cheers.Icon.jpgScreenshot 2018-11-16 19.18.57.png









Screenshot 2018-11-16 19.18.57.png