Object Placement

Hi Folks
Super new guy here.

Some great work from users on here!

Quick questions

  1. When I import an OBJ file into an open scene, I am unable to rotate it separately from any other existing object?

I can select and drag it around but only the whole scene rotates on one camera view?

Seems odd to assume user knows exact orientation of hidden imported object when what one sees is just an orb.

Obvious to edit one object at a time so why not rotate too?



The only times that I can think of that you wouldn’t be able to rotate the imported object is when it is the only object in a scene and symmetry is turned on, or you import it on that symmetry line. At that point, you can only rotate along the symmetry plane. Unfortunately, Sculptris doesn’t have a basic mirror tool.

Might have to rotate it in whichever program that you exported it from originally (or another program) and re-export the model. Or, just turn off symmetry and you can rotate it every which way.

Thanks for response…

Even with symmetry off both objects, only the whole scene rotates. I can select either object and sculpt it and drag it around the scene to my heart’s content but as soon as I try to rotate only the selected object only the whole scene rotates. How on earth do people line up imported objects exactly where they want them if they can’t be rotated once moved into place?

I can rotate imported object in another scene before importing but like I said it wont rotate in new scene with multiple objects.


Sorry for the delayed response. Based on what you’re saying, I’m actually not quite sure what might be going on. Can’t say that I’ve ever seen, or heard of, that kind of bug/glitch in Sculptris before. I’ve always been able to rotate the imported objects so far. Would you mind doing some kind of screenshot of what’s happening. Can’t say that I can figure it out, but couldn’t hurt.