Obbi's Sketchbook - 2009

Hi all,
Here is the highpoly of my Bat concept sculpted in Zbrush. I posted some WIP my new work. It was made in Maya and the fine details in Zbrush. hope you like it. comments will be welcome
Thank you.:wink:







that is awesome. i realy like the idea you’ve had for the hands and feet being spikes. really great sculpting work :+1:

That’s pretty cool. I like the concept and how the skin stretches from the shoulders. good job

wow kool design i like it great feel

Great work, amazing!!!

Looks pretty much like an alteration of Kolby Jukes’ ‘Humanoid Bat’ model.

Kolby Jukes.jpg

His sculpt is available here at Gnomonology.

No, I’d say it looks more like both artists used bat anatomy as reference. Imagine that! :rolleyes:

Sure :wink:

Looking very cool krub Khun Obbi! Very very nice scwork

No, it really doesn’t.

Nice sculpt! The claw feet are cool.

Great great work Obbi!!!:smiley: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
I love your creature!

LeoAMD…Thank you so much. Glad you like it
Ichiban …Thank you so much.
renisance_x…Thank you so much…glad to hear you like my sketchbook.
max-tx… Thanks man. Look forward to see your new works as well.
Hurdy Gurdy Man… Thank you very much.
SolidSnakexxx …Thank you so much kub.
sadicus…Thank you so much. Glad you like it
leo sakamoto…Thank you so much. leo…thanks for the comment on my blog. u have lots of great stuff.

Thank you!

nice work! and good started sketchbook, u got couple more months b4 it change to sketchbook 2010…haha. lets see some more…

angrykid …Thank you so much.

Hello man, congratulations on your work, is very good!!! See ya!!!


angrykid…Thank you lot guys!
Stefanuto…Thank you man! Your work is really beautiful, and cool blog.

Here is a new concept Gorilla head sculpt i finished this week-end.
I hope you all like it. comments will be welcome.

Obbi Thank you! :wink: