Nudge in zbrush

Hello! Can you help me please. I started to learn zbrush not long time ago. Now I’m trying to use Nudge from spotlight, but it’s working not like it should do (something like the brush Move but for a texture). It looks like the picture collapsing to the central point of the brush or like a funnel, but it does’t move the points. Pity that i can’t attach a picture to show it (may be the link will work https://b.3ddd.ru/media/images/tinymce_images/c02c853932d91f72ada011ca55dc4170.png) What could be the problem?
Thank you.

I haven’t used Spotlight:Nudge before but I was curious. Looks like what you’re describing is exactly what Spotlight:Nudge is designed to do, that is, nudge the image, not the geometry. See Spotlight:Nudge

If you want to Nudge the geometry then pick the Nudge brush from the Brush palette (BNU).

Hello TOBOR8MAN! Thank you for your respond. I see that nudge tool is only for changing the picture. I’ve comparded it with the brush “move” just to describe the principe or the shape changing. The problem is that the points should be moved in parallel, but not to centre. If we compare again with 3d brushes, normally it should act like the brush “move” but in my case it acts mostly like “pinch”. Sorry if i’m not clear, that’s not easy to explain. I’ve tryed to illustrate the difference here (link is attached) 2021-10-07_08-27-08.png — Яндекс.Диск

Thank you.

The additional image makes the problem you are seeing clear. However I cannot replicate the problem myself when using the Spotlight:Nudge function. Unless someone else can provide some insight I’d suggest to Start a Conversation with Pixologic Support

I also cannot recreate your issue. I would endorse @tobor8man 's suggestion of contacting Support with the email address your license is registered to. It may be that there is an issue with your installation, input device, or with some specific aspect of your process, but we will need to investigate the situation in more depth in order to identify this.

Thank you!