Nude A pose.

I made a sleeping woman.
This is a very cautious adult images…






Very nice work on this one!
Is it possible to know what is made with ZBrush, and perhaps what has been made with other software? Some ZBrush screenshots ?

I think the body is nice, the head seems to give a feeling that it is different from the body. The background give me the feeling that you spent less time on it than this nice body :slight_smile:

Very Very Nice…:cool:

A very beautyful woman, good job there, perfect work on anatomy. I love the soft shapes of her body and the overall mood of the scene is great!
Maybe the background isn’t as great as the model is.

I have same feelings about the head and her hand as Thomas. Maybe its because of lightning, the skin looks much smoother there.
Also, I think the fold between groin and the right thigh is too soft.

Beautiful piece …Excellent job done on it…:+1:small_orange_diamond:)


Nice work on the figure. The overall render creates a subtle sense of drama.

Incredible! Great job on the lighting…

wow amazing work!
it / she looks real!

Wonderful job on this. I love these works that are complete scenes.


Images were rendered in softimage.

Just a black-and-white images…

very nice! serene and peaceful image.

Wonderful piece!

Thank you very much~

I do adore the black and white picture. It look like a real good capture from the lens.
Great work !

I second posing nude work was in progress.
Hair and rendering have finished. Zbruhs4R4
Thank you.

Nice! :slight_smile:

Nice, attractive…
I think someone has to invent the back smoothing surgery for her though. Or ass dynamesh.
Also, the neck looks a bit too strong/thick maybe because of the position of her hair.

I wouldn`t refuse her anyway :slight_smile:

there is something cool about the color render - i don’t know if its the lighting or the material you chose, but it has a subtle stylized effect that’s kind of illustrative in a way. You can really see it down by her hand for example, where it looks almost outlined against her leg. The hair is also nicely done - i really like the flyaway hairs that really give it a sense of life in interest. i agree with silvaticus though: the neck looks a little too thick, and you can see the mesh stretching without enough subdivision in the ass, where the forefront cheek also looks perhaps a little too disproportionately squared off or shortened against the ground.

Thanks good advice~ ^^