NPR experiments

Experimenting with some new ideas for NPR I made these renders of the amazing quake model inside Zbrush. I am using a custom zbrush material and then import the plain BPR image, with no shadows but antialiased, to filter forge where I created a special filter just for the this shader. I didnt use the new BPR filters… I am looking forward to recieve some feed back or new ideas. Contact me if you are interested get your scene rendered with this style.





really really cool
thx for posting
like the drawing feel

I would love to know more about how you got this look. I have played around a few times but was never quite happy.

great job, but as this magic filter? … I need it … congratulations:+1:

Pretty nice pencil look
never messed around with filter forge maybe i should give that a look

Creating outlines are fairly straight forward. But getting the internal line shading/outline is very nice.
Which BPR filter allowed you to get the nice veins and folds? Thank you.