This is a very simple Plugin I made to Copy and Paste, similar to an Insert Mesh brush but keeping the original size of the copied mesh.

I didn’t have the time to test it much. Contact me if you find bugs…



Looks awesome! Will try now :):+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

This is a really cool idea. I would find this really useful.

However not restoring the export scale back to what it was on the target mesh is a deal breaker for me. Most of the meshes I use in production have random scales because they are from different people. I feel like you should store the scale and restore the number after the paste?

I agree, and actually I was thinking about it when I made it … I will change that or just release the txt script …
EDITED: I made some changes and now it should keep your original value in export:scale

Great plugin

It seems that the original mesh must be centered in the 0,0,0 in order to work. Otherwise it translates the original position to the new one making it unmanageable. It would be cool to add the option to reset to 0,0,0 when copying.

For example it we are editing a model and we want to repeat an existing subtool already placed on it, it is unlikely that will be originally centered in 0,0,0. Then we would need to do a copy, center using Marcus plugin, copy and then delete.

As alternative to the Marcus plugin Unify won’t work as also will change the scale. We can also change manually the position with the position sliders in geometry but it is rather messy and time consuming. It would be cool if this function was already inside the npaste plugin.

Hi Altea, the centre of coordinates 0,0,0 acts as the reference, this will be the point corresponding to the origin of the transpose line. This allows you to move the original mesh around the 0,0,0 to determine the position in relation with the target mesh.

Consider a shape like the one in my example. The geographic center of this shape it’s not what I want to consider the base, the plane that will be in contact with the target surface. If you recenter the subtool using unify or resetting the sliders to 0 you will end up with mesh being replicated around the geographic center and this is not what you necessarily want.
The main purpose of the plugin is exactly this: being able to determine precisely the points that will be contacting each other or the offset between them.
Also, you dont need to Ncopy every time. You should have a subtool placed conveniently, the same as you would do with a regular insert mesh, and Ncopy it. Then NPaste all the times you want over your target mesh.
If you just want to move an existing subtool so it snaps to others surface, I just updated the plugin with two new buttons.
They don’t copy or paste anything… they simply make the necessary transformations on the active subtool.
This way it’s easy to do snapping to a target surface and scaling.

Update 2