Now Im having fun

I have NO IDEA how I did this, after a lot of tutorials that both helped and hindered I gave up and started doing what I do best:
Here is the result:

I have no idea what Im doing most of the time, but that is starting to matter less as I get an idea of what makes fun things, what causes crashes, and what looks hideous, Im great at hideous.
Fuzzy is great, hideous is not




I love your intro :))

I like your fuzzy thing. I am in the same boat:) but the getting started pdf Zbrush4 has helped me and the Zbrush community.:slight_smile:

Thanks you guys!
I read that PDF too but I dident understand the underlying stuff or reasons for a lot of it, so now Im playing with stuff and seeing what it does.
I have been able to make more fuzzy stuff and I will post how to do that here later today, and I can even make it insane colors.



I managed this instead…
Zbrush could make the most normal person resemble the most frightning mental patient…

I will try to do the other stuff soon…



ok so…
Fuzzy things arnt all that hard… however I got totaly sidetracked and spent a month trying to make more than one editable object.
I do not have much of a background in this stuff, most of my 3D experience comes from making things in VR and that is simple to the point of trivial compared to Zbrush… fun fun fun…

Any how, heres how to make things fuzzy:

You know where the materials thingy is on the left ok?
In there is something called “fibers” apply that to what ever object you are working with, it should be apparent that you have done this as the color of your object should change.
Now, look in the “Render menu” in there you will see a pallet with a bunch of buttons, turn on EVERYTHING and hit the “best” button.
after a hopefully short amount of time (it can take a while…) your object will appear with a lot of fuzzyness…
So far as I can tell this works in all sorts of ways, you can draw fuzzyness in 2.5D or make fuzzy ZSpheres or sculpt fuzzy things of what ever sort you like.
I think I mentioned above that I have no idea what Im doing so if this is wrong or unclear please let me know. Also if screen shots would help I can do that too. I think…
Yah, I can


A quick example:

Something I havent figured out is how to do things to the fuzz it self, like make it longer, shorter, curly, wavy or flap wildly in the breeze…
I dont know how to make a breeze either…
Anyhow when I find that bit I will post it…
Somewhere in the depths of ZmenuHell there is a “do stuff to fibers” button and Im going to poke it.



This was a lot of fun!

I have totaly forgotten how to make and make use of subtools… again… there was more to this guy but its missing someplace in Zhell…
But I will find it at some point




oh yah, I made that guy with Zspheres and Smilks WONDERFUL brushes:

Thank you Smilk!!!

That’s actually kinda totally cool.


By the way, I meant to give a 5 star rating but the system malfunctioned and registered a 3…

Moderators… PLEASE let us change our votes, like you can on iTunes and the App Store over at Apple! Votes change all the time, as do opinions, especially when the quality of an artist’s work improves over time.

Thank you Eric!
You just made an already good day a good bit better!


Making some more progress, this time Im actually making things I intend to make!
This is another that had subtools, I actually learned to rig with this one but have already forgotten how.
Someone needs to poke me in Zbrain, Im Ztupid.

hehehe… Im haveing a good time anyway though and that I suppose is what counts.




Im out of control…
A number of you guys have been making dead stuff, bones and so forth and with insane amounts of detail…
I decided to find out HOW and I think I found it. I have to say one thing, if people knew what went on in Zbrush they would try to make a pill to fix it, as I made this I came up with all sorts of grisly ideas about what it is and how it got dead, looking at all your zombies and stuff helped with that i think.
Please bare in mind here that I am still very new at this and that my computer wasent thrilled at the number of times I poked the “divide” button…




:+1: poke the divide button lol at own risk :laughing:

But Gary, I love the divide button! that is where all the stuff comes from, its like getting more clay when you are running out… sort of…
Ok its like getting more universe slowing clay…

Poke poke poke!




And possibly hair, though so far it dosent look like that…

Ok, I mentioned fuzzy stuff and sort of promised to show how its done, well I forgot for a while how to do it, then found out again and then forgot what i was doing…
Here it is:

Right off the bat I should say that this is for new people and there is some cool stuff that I haven’t a clue what the heck its for in some of these menus, having said that I seriously recommend screwing about with them.
Screwing around is how I figured this out.

#1) Make an object, a 3D one, not 2.5D, and make sure its editable, if you have to make it into a polymesh3D (sorry, I dident design this stuff).

#2) Go into the MATERIAL menu on the lower left and at the bottom you will see a fuzzy little pompom called FIBER, select that, your object should change color somewhat.

#3) At the top open the Render menu and attach it to your sidebar thingy (I think this is called “docking” but I forget)

#4) Turn on everything in the render menu:
Shadows, SSS, Fibers, Fog and all that stuff, most importantly FIBERS though, with out that this is pointless. (the other part should have “Preview” selected).

#5) Hit BEST next to Preview, and wait… and wait… and… um… wait… after waiting (oh what fun!) you should now have a fuzzy object!
Cool huh? You may want to put it back on Preview now.

#6) Now, in the render thingy put it back on preview, and now go up to the “Material” menu and dock that to your sidebar. that has a few sections we are after “Modifiers” open that. Holy crap right? Lots of stuff…
At the top though you will see s1, s2, s3 etc and in theory you are in s2 at the moment, click s1.

#7 ) OK! Now we have at the top:
Strand Density
Length variations
and a bunch of other stuff…
Screw with those, try setting them only a bit different, some are dramatic and then go back to the render thingy and hit BEST again
Wildly different and possibly insanely great huh?

#8) Make a drink and pat your self on the back.

That is a lot of crap to have to do to make fuzzy stuff huh? Don’t worry about that, I suspect that there is other cool stuff creeping about in those menu’s and now that we know there is fuzziness and that it CAN INDEED flap in the breeze its just a matter of time till we find the dandruff button and the monobrow removal button.

One quick note, I don’t think you need EVERYTHING in the render menu on, I just don’t know what most of it is, but in theory you only need “Fibers”.
I also think that FOG and Depth Cue will help as well…
I still cant get it to anti-alias, but I will add that here if I find it.

Cheers and have fun!




Interesting :bulb: …

Thanks Patokali!
It was a lot of fun too…


well… sort of…
I still have a LOT of trouble with them doing random things like swallowing each other and stuff… it seriously sucks when that happens…
one way it can happen is if I make two things and turn one into a polymesh3D.
I will figure it out but in the mean time plug your ears, I have a foul mouth indeed when that happens.

I made the head in Sculptris and the hair in Zbrush as a subtool… took a lot of tries to get the hair which was a sphere3D in the right place… in the end I just got it in the general area and squashed it till it sorta fit.

Its funny, the head looks totally different in Sculptris, its almost as though Zbrush flattens things out somehow…
Im a bit puzzled by this.




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I cant figure out what you did, but I suspect you tried to brush the hair of the green fuzzy thing.