now for something completely different

Ok got frustrated modeling something and decided to play with the GDI and GSI slots in light menu and fog and see what I could come up with. The result is what you see below. Excuse the size…couldn’t upload it unless squashed to death. I’ll post a link later to the original.


The thumbnail is a tease for a tutorial I should be uploading later tonight to get you started on your own experimenting.

Til then…



:wink: Incredibly interested…u got me curious …

aminuts these are really intriguing, finally see the image now, two figures right? The first one of the three, less saturated, works well.
Very intangible, not solid, great! Looking forward to seeing more of this.

Nice! Specially Fog and Noise are resulting in interesting stuff. However, my early experiments did not result in anything to show… Your’s look great!!! I must revisit that…

Aminuts, very kewl results…I also really love the thumbnailed image…looking forward to your tut on this…I have a friend entering a website contest for some band…cant recall the name…but he wants to use some of my sketches and zbrush stuff …something along the lines of what you did here with this technique will help me to give him something original for sure…so I anxiously await…and if it doesn’t get said enough around here, thank you for al the help and 121 stuff you give us around here…mucho appreciated always…your opinions count.


Thanks guys, am back home from dinner and hope to get the preliminary tutorial up shortly. It will take me a might longer to get the pictures included version up.

Joe…yes two figures…an early experiment with Meats’ wirestyle that I have been looking for a home for.

Lemo…no noise! just global lighting fun.

Ron…I hope these help ya out, ya know if ya have any questions once I get it posted…ask! I’ll help ya any way I can…and thank you!

Dimitri… gotta be a tease a little bit longer. :rolleyes:

I need about a half hour I think or less for the words only version and a quick test following to make sure I didn’t miss something ahahhaa dohhhh.

Ok here we go. Sorry this isn’t 100% done yet but will get ya started. Hope to have the pics up later today for better clearity but tried like heck to be as thorough as possible til then. EDIT: Pics are up…hope they are good enuf.

You will need Anh Nguyen’s head or one of your own to follow along which you can download here.

Also below should be a zip file link from me that includes a light and mat setup plus some textures.

At the bottom of the tutorial page here is the full size version of the pic I posted earlier…not full rez as my isp was burping the file back up at me so had to jpg it but it’s still better than the one below.

Please point out anything missing…well except the painfully obvious things…like pictures. and questions…will do my best to answer them for you.

And please post your own experiments in this thread…let’s see where your warped little minds take ya!

Guess no one is interested hahaha.

I am …downloading it right now…but i will be able to give some feedback not later from tommorow night …:).

P.S . Thanks for that page u have under your signature with usefull ZB plugs …very usefulll…especially cuase they are all together and with explanation :+1:.

Thanks Aminuts. This tutorial helped a lot ! :smiley: :+1:

Very interesting! I am checking this out now. Would you mind if I moved it to the wiki, as well? :slight_smile:

meshes can now be found here:


go for it Ryan!

Glad it helped ya, Tartan…now ya gotta post up an experiment or two. :smiley:

and done :slight_smile: I think I can play with this for quite awhile. I wanted to see what it would do with a black and white image and see possibilities of skymaking technique. You are right. There are a multitude of possibilities here. Opened my eyes a lot. :idea: :lol: :idea:


tutoriala results.jpg


Cool idea. Will be checking this out tomorrow.


Mike R

cool…now i am gonna have to play me thinks :smiley:

Sure are a lot of different things that can be done off the path of this tutorial. The background is pure fog, not a texture cropped and filled. The ship is a low rez in black. The one that is hard to see is how it exported out of Zbrush, Then I played with hue, contrast and saturation in Photoshop, finally I took it a step further. There are sooo many things to explore! :smiley:





…or Flying Dutchman ? :cool:

Also used ZBrush to make this cover




Well I used the gdi and gsi settings for the painting of one of my comic pages- the explosion one. check the link below.

But not in this manner.

i will check it out right now, well your tutorial page is taking too much time to download :wink: