Not sure but Building on a shape?!?!?

As you can most likely tell completely new to this so please forgive the title there.

I am curious with Zbrushcore is there a way to build your project on a shape?? Not sure if that is the correct way to ask the question. What I am trying to do is make something to be 3D printed and has to fit on a teardrop rounded shape. Is there a way to bring that shape in and set it so it can’t be changed and build on that shape? I think there is a way to do this with photos but not a 3D shape. And if there is a way can someone point me in the direction on how??


ZBrushCore allows you to have separate shapes that are part of the same model - they’re called “subtools”. So you could import the shape you want to build on and then create a separate shape that fits on top.

If the new piece needs to fit exactly then you can use a duplicate of the original shape to cut away part of the model.

Ok, Thanks. Now creating a subtool as the shape I need and then building on that subtool wont create a clean fit between the two? Or is it required I then do another step and cut away what I need?

There’s no “collision detection” to stop one shape moving through another as you sculpt. There are a couple of ways you can get two pieces to fit together - the way I suggested is probably the simplest.