Normal Maps: When I click the button to create a normal map, NOTHING HAPPENS.

The normal map generator creates a map based on the differences between the current subdivision level and the highest level. You’re probably still on the highest level, which means that there are no differences.

not the Problem…i Just does nothing.


For some reason when I click Create NormalMap nothing happens.

This is a example of the worlfolw I am using

Import Obj. >

Drop object >

StoreMT >

Sub Divide to Level 5 >

Sclupt in some detail >

Drop back down to SDIV 1 >

Switch Morph Target >

Then i will create NormalMap with the TANGENT and ADAPTIVE on.

This workflow worked fine in Zbrush2 why not 3?

Any help wud be welcome :smiley:


I was just informed that Normal Maps don’t work yet in ZB3


Incorrect… The normal map generation button doesn’t work yet, but you can still make normal maps in Z3: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=46231

Thanks very much eldee.s and SterlingY :smiley: .

Im glad to know that there is a known problem and even more so that there is a work around ( was going crazy :evil: )

Any idea when there will be a update or a fix to this?

Thanks again for the help guys.

Has this been solved? I’m useing a basic wokrflow, and still can never generate normal maps with zb3. Anybody else have any other pointers on normal map generation? :angry:

What’s to solve? There is a workaround that I posted like… 3 posts above this one. Did you read it?

just converting a displacement map to normals might not have a correct

theres lots of ways to make normal maps, and that doesnt sound like a correct

Finaly 3.1 has normal map generation!

Here are some guys I recently made. The timelapse are here.

( http://youtube.com/watch?v=JOmk8gD5FbY )
( http://youtube.com/watch?v=uTS-L-ReaI4 )
Please watch all my vids! and rate’em!

Thank you.





wait… there is another problem im facing…

i can not see the normal map controls…

can anybody help me?:frowning:

i am new here,
hey me also got the same problem . when i hit create normal map . it does,t work. tel me the solvness… why its coming like that ?pls hewlp me…

You can create normal map with displacement exporter comes with zbrush 3.1. It works fine and very simple.