Normal Maps: Can ZBrush create SEAMLESSLY TILING normal maps?

Yes. This is particularly useful in game development, where you might wish to apply normal mapping to flat surfaces such as walls. Paint on the depth-enabled canvas the same way that you would create a seamless texture. After you have finished painting the depth, switch to the Simple Brush, Alpha 00 and set M active with Zadd turned off in the Draw palette. Load the Normal Mapping material that is supplied with ZBrush and paint it on the canvas. Now use Texture>GrabDoc to capture your normal map. The apple tutorial in Projection Master shows how to create seamless textures. You can do a quick test of this technique by running that tutorial and then converting the finished scene to a normal map.

Hi, Anybody out there exporting normal maps?
I did this mesh in high detail and want to see the same amount of detail in my 3ds max as I do in zbrush, after export.

However, there’s all these funny, weird levers to fiddle with, like inflat high res bump detail, etc. Then the tags go this way then that way. Would anyone out there know what the best or most accurate settings for export into 3dsmax would be?
A print screen of the details would suffice nicely.

Thank you.

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Hi David.

Just to confirm that this is what one does. This is basically what I do. So far…
I model a let’s say, human in high poly. I do the UV unwrap. Paint the textures in Photoshop. Textures done. I check it out in max/maya. Looks good so far. I export the obj file to zbrush for detail work. Then I do the detail on the mesh, with texture map switched on as guids. Now I render out normal map. Flip it vertically (violet in colour). Export back into maya.

Now, I don’t know if that’s how it’s done but I now take the High Poly mesh and start to simplify it to a low poly mesh, by dragging the vertices into other vertices, until I get the right budget target.
Problem: I have to redrag all the uv cohordinates back again. Is that how you do it?

Thanks for the help.:smiley: