Nord Warrior :Elder Scroll Online

Nord warrior(Elder scroll online) 3D model ready for 3D printing.


Very nice. Thank you for sharing.

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I love the detail in the sculpt. Nice and clean, but with detail to bring it fully to life.
It makes me wonder though , on the one hand the fur/skins would keep them warm in the harsh colds of Skyrim. But on the other hand, wouldn’t the fur of the skins if it’s facing inwards also be really tickling? Could you fight a dreagaur (spelling) while your own armor is making you want to giggle as it tickles?

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Glad you like it.
I need a little help. Can you please tell me how I can edit my this post because I am not able to find the edit option on this post only.

@Pank_Art You should be able to Edit your post now. If you are still having issues please message @melissa. She will be able to help you

Yes… Now I can edit it.
Many Many thanks for helping me.