Noob question about layers and subdivisions

Hi! I bought this model Ultimate Textured Female Base Mesh which is supposed to have ‘a layer within the Zbrush tool that contains the high resolution skin details‘. I have zero experience with Zbrush, I downloaded the trial version and I‘m trying to find this layer. They also mention 6 levels of subdivision in the description but I got the “currently this mesh has zero subdiv levels” message. I‘m so lost. Please help me to figure it out.

The ZTL has 5 different subtools. You appear to have the eyes selected. I would expect the details to be on the body subtool. If you click on “Subtool” in the tool palette you should be able to click on the body. You will probably then find that it has subdivision levels. Having selected the right subtool you can then go to the Geometry sub-palette to go to the highest subdivision level, and the Layers sub-palette to turn a Layer on/off.