NoiseMaker's ZAngle issue


i have been experiencing an issue with the zangle inside the noisemaker feature of zbrush, i cant rotate the noiseplug pattern to be exactly 45°, this issue has been there since at least 2 previous versions of zbrush, each update im hopefull this would have been solved but its not the case haha, and since i dont see others posting about this i finally thought that it might be something on my pc causing this, so im asking, is this the case for everyone? or just me?

when changing the ZAngle to 45 with uvs and some noiseplug pattern enabled, the pattern seems to be at 90°, so

if zangle is at 0 then the pattern is not rotated
if zangle is at 45 then the pattern seems to be at 90
if zangle is at 90 then the pattern seems to be at 180

because of that i cant rotate at 45, cuz that would mean to give zangle a value of 22.5, but it doesnt take decimals, intead it goes to 22 or 23, and that doesnt give an straigh (90°) and seamless edge in the texture

i would appreciate any help, thank you

Good catch @prozeruz !

This is a bit of odd behavior I have no explanation for. Pixologic are aware of the issue, and it’s being looked into.

This is why technical issues should be reported directly to Pixologic Support. :slightly_smiling_face: Not everyone uses the tools the same way, and some issues may go undetected in many workflows. The only reliable way to make Pixologic aware of an issue is to report it directly to Support via the support website.

Good luck!

The development team just let me know that they have duplicated the issue and will look into it. Unfortunately, it seems that nobody had reported it before now and so they weren’t aware of it until Spyndel mentioned this thread to me.

Just for reference, anything that seems like it is a genuine bug should be reported via a Support Conversation. That way the team will definitely be aware and be able to add it to the bug tracker.

:open_mouth: i never thought this was unreported, its been there for so long, i really tought that maybe it was something on my pc messing up the feature, i didnt knew how to report it to the support team, if i found something i’ll properly report it next time, thank you guys.