Node Based ZScript Editor?

Is there a tool that could make this possible? Or a good starting point? I’m thinking similar to substance designer graphs or UE4 Blueprints. So you could attach commands to a button or slider and it outputs a text document with everything written out. I can visualize this in my head where you could have different variables that connect to a node and replace the text and then have an output to continue adding nodes to the graph, but I’m not a programmer so I’m not sure the best way to make something like this :confused:

Looked around for the past couple nights and since Im not a programmer I counted out the crazy javascript stuff. But then I remembered I learned unity a little bit 2 years ago and can understand C#. Found a plugin that had a node framework established that I could understand and came up with this! I still need to see if I can print to a text file though…
Wish meh luck lol



Keep going, I could use something like that! :wink:

Been a long time since I have updated this little test in Unity. So far this is what came out of it lol. Not even sure what I am looking at after getting off of it for a long time smh.


Maybe I will try to get back into this after I finish a photogrammetry project I am working on…