Noah WIP

Hello Everyone!

This character is for a game idea I’ve been playing around with for a few years now.

His name is Noah, and he has one hell of a story to tell and it can’t be spoken with words.

I’ve been working hard on a character for the sake of nailing down a workflow without relying on an outside concept artist. I was itching just to get to the sculpt… and took a lot of time in the 2D design phase, trying to make this dude as good as possible in a very short amount of time. The sculpt as it stands now took around 4-5 days.

The base was sketched out in Blender, but then brought to Zbrush for the remaining 90%. Thank you to Cxyda for the Leather Straps IMM!




Noah is a great start for me, it’s helping me to gauge everything involved in the art pipeline.

More renders to come, let me know what you think!

Got the Sword done!

Now for the boomerang

What do i gotta do to get some attention hearh? Model thanos?!

~ Blender Renders ~

noah_render_1 noah_render_2

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