No one dead

g.jpg my first zbrush work:evil:
I am Chinese boy,i like ZB very much:D

哈哈 打个中文试试
sorry i am not skill with English:cry:

It’s very good!
Now just add a texture and materials. :wink:

thanks .i will:D

coming soon…

No one reply my post:cry: .
I am sorry everyone.
Only myself…:confused: :smiley:

The model has got some very good detail, but without textures it is not completely clear (for example, does it have some kind of suit on or is that his skin? Creepy, anyhow. Very good for a halloween post. :stuck_out_tongue:

:cool: en, i will take the texture and materials on this model .
coming soon…:cool: happy halloween!!!:rolleyes: :smiley:

Happy Holloween. The picture’s very nice and gives a very disturbing vibe. Very scary and suitable for halloween ndeed. :wink: