No flagging option

There is no post flagging option, therefore can’t complete discobot tutorial.


I’m guessing staff hasn’t replied yet?

No… but a month later, discobot let me skip that step.
Now I’m stuck on the next step. lol

yeah I just skipped everything and it said complete so i dunno. They didn’t really think it trough i guess. Still getting used to this layout.

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Individual posts cannot be flagged, but at the bottom of every topic there should be a flag icon that you can click to report that topic. The moderating team will then investigate.

That’s good to know! I see it here now, and elsewhere around the site.

But in my welcome tutorial…

Thankfully, it let me skip much sooner than a month later-- 15 minutes in my case-- but I’d still like to see it fixed. I’m sure it isn’t a big priority since established users never see or deal with it, and therefore it’s sort of out of sight out of mind. But such a frustrating oversight so early on could really deter new users from the site.


You should see it in any other post. But I’ll let @melissa know about it being missing in the tutorial.

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Still missing in the tutorial…