Ninja Turtles 2012 / Omnimorphic sketchbook

Long time since i’ve posted. Got a lot of negative feedback on my last Ninja turtle, and looking back, I can see why. Truthfully, I relied far to much on photoshop.
I’ll be posting anything and everything in this thread from now on - all feedback is welcome!
Anyway, This is a wip -the belt is a temp, and the knee and elbowpads need work.

I tried a little Krang/Utrom for fun -


I like the style you’ve gone for with the Turtle, but the skin is far to flat and too smooth

Yeah really cool work on that Krang Brain Monster, really nice idea of making a monster like that:+1:
The ninja turtle looks to me a little to real, not very cartoony but I’d bet you’ll figure something out man!
Definently keep it going and have fun sculpting!

  • kenny:)

just for fun -here is a quick laird Eastman styled turtle - will do the bandana, belt and swords later - speed sculpt 3 hours.


Ha ha, nice!
A fellow chucker, ey :wink:

I like the mirage variant the best, but it’s an interesting take.
Keep it up!

Eerruugh… Krang’s tail looks like that creature’s tongue from “Enemy Mine”, that thing gave me nightmares as a kid! Creepy! So of course, I love it.

Quite like your new take on the Turtle! Very refreshing!

Thank you very much!

looking bad…