Ninja Turtle/Spiderman (Comicon 2015)


Here’s my entry for the Comicon Challenge 2015. The idea was to fuse two comic book heroes together or something to that extend (I remember the rules being a bit confusing). I abandoned this project after a couple of weeks into it due to some work related stuff, but picked it up this year just to finish it and not have it in the back of my head.

The render was done in Keyshot with just a grey scale material, all the colors were added in Photoshop. There is no texturing on this model what so ever.


The shell was supposed to be one of the selling points of the Spiderman presence in the design (the pattern on the shell makes a spider sign), but I’ve changed the final pose completely so now it’s just a ninja turtle in some pants, hanging from a web string eating pizza…


Hope you like it!







Amazing piece of work as always Aleks.Keep it up & keep’em coming.:wink:

hahaha so freakin awesome!!

Yep really cool sculpt!

Very creative take on one of my favorite characters. Excellent job!

Nice Job!

Nice work.

What’s your process of painting a grey keyshot image? I always get over saturated stuff using overlay… and them options… ;3

Thank god he’s wearing pants. The grey render had me worried there for a minute.

Thanks guys, glad you like this dude! I’m going to post some passes from Keyshot tomorrow to better explain how I put together the final image.

love the proportions

Killer work! Very nice pose, nice anatomy, perfect details I love it!

Please, how are the bandages created? I tried to create something similar but I never get a fair result. Your bandages on the legs look awesome!

Here are the passes that I’ve used to make the final image. From left to right: ID, main, wetness for the skin, cavity (toon shader). There is also “Paint Daubs” filter on top of the final image to give it a slightly stylized look.


sergioliv: I’ve used Soft Light as blending for the most part. It creates less contrasty/overblown results.

Oliveiro: The bandages were created in Marvelous Designer. I used to do that in Topogun, but I find MD to be faster and it automatically creates irregularities on the surface for you. Every bandage has something around 7 pieces/straps; I’ve unrwapped them making sure that the UV shells are lined up horizontally or vertically (doesn’t really matter which way), applied an alpha in ZBrush using Surface Noise to make the bandage pattern. I’ve also painted tearing on the edges in MARi as a black and white mask; from there you can either export the high res as is and use Transparency channel in Keyshot with the painted texture to make this detail visible, or in my case, load the mask in ZBrush as a texture, apply it, go to Masking -> Mask by Color -> Mask by Intensity, hide the part that you don’t want to be visible. On top of that, I’ve used Fiber Mesh to add those long bits of thread that you see around the heels area. Oh and there was a bit of Photoshop magic done using the Smudge Tool to create the fuzzy look of the bandages. It’s a still image, I’ve used every trick I could to make the final image, it doesn’t have to be practical :slight_smile:



Thanks! I’m going to try that form of rendering it out on one of my dragon busts :smiley: curious to see the end result with that rendering work flow.

Thx again man.

Thank you for your answer, you are very kind!

No problem, guys, glad I could help!

Really fun character proportions and style Aleks! Followed your stuff for a while. Nice work!