Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% FlyEase

Some production work I did for some recent Nike spots for the Nike Air Zoom Tempo Next% FlyEase shoe. I did this work for the fantastic Hatke Creative team http://www.hatkecreative.com/.

The majority of the textures were done in Substance Painter, with a little help and Mari. Modeling was done in Zbrush and Maya.

Just never uploaded it here.

More Project details https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OoPKEw


Good stuff, thanks for sharing Scott! Nice to see ZBrush in creative product design. I reckon there is a lot more use of it, but not so much shared (NDA’s and things like that).


Hey Scott! Awesome work you did here. I have tears in my eyes to finally see someone is doing same stuff in Zbrush as me. I’m not alone anymore :rofl:


Been using it since about 2006. Lots of Maya too though. Done a lot of sneakers over the years. Thanks for the comments. Your work is kickass.

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Great work!

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Cheers! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for the TOP ROW!!!

I’m very glad you like my work!


Great work! What was your workflow for the sole modelling? Just wondering if you’ve used some tricks to make the process faster or done it the old-school all-by-hand way. I have an old model of sneakers that is sitting in my folder unfinished for a long while because I’m too lazy to finish the sole cleanly. :sweat_smile:

Modeling it flat and then doing all the extrusions at once and then deforming into place. But yes fairly old school. Just lay out your major edge lines and then fill.

Ah, yes, the deformers! Sometimes I forget about them.
I’ve been trying to make a sole pattern with alphas, which is feasible enough for my specific project, but it’s difficult to make it look so clean that a braggy close-up shot can be made. Still a decent option for projects when it has to be quick and doesn’t need to be polygon-perfect. I’ll try your workflow then, thanks for the answer!

You can always sculpt it and then use the sculpt as a base to lay your geo on top of also. But for most of the sneaker stuff fi work on, the camera is so close you can see dust so the geo just has to be there or it won’t hold up.

dude! amazing modeling skills there!

Hi, How did you create the details of the bottom sole of the shoe? Did you sculpt it manually or did you use an alpha map? :thinking: