Night Adventure

This piece was originally started as a creature bust for Jared Krichevsky’s Creature Modeling and Sculpting class and Tran Ma’s Texturing and Shading class, then finalized in Miguel Ortega’s Demo Reel class at Gnomon. Big thanks to Miguel, Tran and Jared for all the guidance and help.

In this project, all the characters , cloth and accessories are sculpt in zbrush, xyz displacement maps were used to create pore details. The background grass are from MegaScan. Leaves crown and butterflies are made in zbrush and maya. Hair was done in xgen. Skin is hand painted with Mari, rest of things are all textured in Substance Painter. Rendered with Vray in Maya and final composed in Nuke and Photoshop.

By doing this project, I learnt a lot of knowledge and also have a much better understanding of the entire pipeline to create realistic characters. There are still many things that I can improve.