Newton In Thought

I’m happy to show you one of my sculptures.
In 2019, my friends and I designed and created a statue of Newton to represent the moment when Newton was thinking about gravity.I was responsible for most of the creativity and major modeling.I hope you like it.

More pictures:

3D 打印小图33D 打印小图


Nice @zszs the print came out really nice and large, well done! :+1:

nicely detailed! :slight_smile: flow on the cloth is very clean! I like it

Welcome back. Thank you for posting. Really great piece.

Really clean print, great sculpture. Is it a resin print? Which printer did you use? Always great to see the practical versions and the ZBrush to 3D print to 5 axis router to finished bronze workflow. Very inspiring, I hope you get many more monumental sculpture commissions. Keep posting! John Cox

thank you.
The print is 80 centimeters high.

Thank you very much for your appreciation and encouragement.
Sorry, I don’t know which printer it is. It is a printing company that provides printing service.

Thank you for your appreciation . :slightly_smiling_face:@Pixo_Daisuke

Yes, I’ll be back often, my friend. :smiley:@PixoPaul

Beautiful work @zszs! Congrats!

:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::+1: Wow!!

Looks amazing…!!!

woww it’s masterfull and the print is so precise as well :heart_eyes: :facepunch:

This is beautiful ZSZS!!! Is that a bronze piece in the final picture? If its painted would you mind sharing what paint it is? Ive been looking for a good base paint for false bronze finishes, this looks great.

Sooo goood, congrats!!!

Thank you! :heart: @nilbertoTawata @Buddha_arts @filoppo @Nikolas3d

Sorry, I used keyshot to render the final images.I don’t know the technical details of painting, but I think you can find a way in the field of military model painting. @PaulSculpture :slightly_smiling_face:

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