newest project

here’s a render outta z on my newest project in zbrush


I used a default head model I did in z awhile back for the mesh, CC always welcomed. I got a link in my sig to my portfolio in cgsociety, I’d appreciate it if you took the time to drop in and let me know what you think and where to improve :slight_smile:

There’s always more to learn in 3D

[edited comp.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘48668’,‘edited comp.jpg’,1,0))

noSkillz, it looks like you took some time to add a little more upper chest geometry to your initial model. he really needs a collarbone tho. he’s got a little “cleavage” thing going on right now. if you’re going to do a realistic person, ya gotta get the forms down first. lotsa threads around here about that.

dude, you’re skin tones and texturing are really nice and they’ll flourish greatly with a solid under-structure. :+1:

sorry double post

the progress can be followed at zerographica.deviantart.com


[simon says.jpg](javascript:zb_insimg(‘49620’,‘simon says.jpg’,1,0))

Amazing work, is it rendered in ZBrush? Also, are the eyes 3d also? They look amazing :slight_smile:

yup the eyes are “3d” partly. It is a straight render out of zbrush, trick to the eyes are to have a picture of realistic highlights right next to you when you export the last zrender. I took them into photoshop and zoomed in as far as I could and tried to make them look as realistic as possible. If I get a chance later, I’ll try to upload the wire

3 days and no more bites :cry:

Sometimes you don’t get a bite for a couple of months!

He needs some shadows, the lips look like just a texture. The upper lip should be casting some sort of shadow on the lower lip. The nose should cast a shadow as well, since the lights according to the eyes, are above him. However it seems all of your lighting is from your texture, which may be fine for game art, but can be a pain to match for stills.