Newbie Challenge #1 (ZB3) - Make A Brush

Here’s a modified set of my brushes as promised. I wasn’t sure whether the *.zbp files contained the alpha information with the brush so just in case I’ve included my alphas in their location as on my system. I’m afraid this makes the download size high (about 12Mb)
I’ve saved out the brushes in the brush dialogue box so they can be loaded individually from that dialogue. The save process seems a bit flakey when saving ‘stroke’ information. For the ‘stitch’ brushes make sure the ‘roll’ function is active in the stroke dialogue box


Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions
None of the brushes have specialised icons I’m afraid :o

Hi Noggin,

Thankyou very much for getting back to me thankyou for going through the extra labour and creating the new files.Im downloading now and will load them over to my z3.1 pc tonight.I’ll post an image showing my results on this thread also.Im much more a newbie than anyone so all help is greatly apprecieted,Zbrush sometimes has my mind spinning …

cant wait to try this when i get back to the office. thanks for the vids!

Other there other versions of these videos on the net? I can’t get the videos to work at all. I d/l the codec on both my PC and Mac and only the audio plays. I have no video. Is this on youtube or are there other versions that don’t use that wacky codec I’d never heard of before?


Many thanks for sharing!: D

Cool! Nice work,

I particularly like the herringbone stitch brush, which is very clever and works perfectly.

let me understand the steps:

  1. you create an alpha (like in photoshop with greyscale)

  2. you set the brush to the settings how you want to use the alphalike brush strokes, random or just one place and increasing

  3. profit?

i hope it should be as easy as this for the start^^’

lets see what i could do…
something like a bellybutton
or some wrinkles as usual?

Are the video links still working? I can’t seem to download them and I think this thread is pretty old.

Are there new links to the videos, please?