Newbie Challenge #1 (ZB3) - Make A Brush

Good luck! Actually, there’s no luck involved really … concentrate on one tool or technique at a time until you’ve got that pretty much mastered, before moving onto the next. These Newbie Challenges will be appearing every couple of weeks or so and will be following a graduated path of complexity, starting off with core techniques. Follow along and you’ll soon have enough skills to let rip with the artistic stuff.

THe keyboard stroke app is an add-on that ships with UV Layout http://www.uvlayout.com/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1
It only works if you have a licence for Layout (ie it’s disabled for demo users). It’s a little work of genius.

I just went ahead and wrote one. I cant see paying that much for a uv mapper (when I have one) when all I wanted was the key capture script.

I do tute DVD’s for bryce and seeing you use this made some lights go off in my head.

now back to z-brushing


[attach=60744]Untitled-1 copy.gif[/attach]


Untitled-1 copy.gif

That’s very resourceful, brycetech. I think you might want to check out the ZScript forums here, if you haven’t already. :+1:

As for UV Layout … it’s not a UV mapping prog, it’s the mapping prog! I’ve done some tutorials for using it over at Renderosity in the UV Mapper forum. They’ll give you an idea of what it can do. It’s not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. Some of the ZBrush videos from gnomonology, linked in the Top Row gallery at the top of this page, show Layout in action.

Just trying out skin and hair brushes in a more practical scenario.


Thanks for the tutorials, Moochie. Really well done. And entertaining, too! I couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing some of your commentary. :lol:

you find information about z-depth in the transformation palette under info.
if you put it on a shelf you’ll have permanently the info at hand (also x and y).
excuse if this has been said in the forum, i was looking at the good VT -

Rivet TN1 icon.jpg
Simple rivet brush with drag dot stroke - for things like jeans or aircraft.
First brush - a little harder to get the alpha right than I thought it was going to be.

This file only has files in one folder. Made in Zb 3.1 - Moochie - does this have different structure…most came out of zbrush3\startup\brushpresets except for alpha which came out of zbrush\startup\alphas

The brush preset seems to have saved with zcurve for alpha, however the size was originally saved to 140 - it opens with 64 (standard brush preset??)

Maybe I will try a little more complex brush now.

Thanks for the great tutorials Moochie…much appreciated and very professional!!


rivet TN brush preset and alpha.zip (393 KB)

Rivet TN1 icon.zip (266 KB)

Ah this is such a good idea, and the videos are well made! Thank you, can’t wait for the next challenge!

As a person new to zbrush, I really appreciate you taking the time to help us out. I seem to still be missing some information about 2D vs. 3D vs 2.5 D but it may be elsewhere in the zbrush central so I will try and find it first.

Thanks again for taking the time.

Thx Moochie :slight_smile: … cool stuff.

Just want to add my thanks for the tutorials. Your hard work and efforts are really appreciated. I just got Zbrush 3.1 so I can use all the help I can get.:slight_smile:

Thanks alot to all have contributed to this thread. It has really helped me.

very helpful and appreciated indeed…

Here is my brush attempt .


It was sculpted in ZBrush . I was looking for a way of adding pore and hair follicle details. Also interested in testing depth available in a brush . I played with gravity to take away from the perpendicular. ( It would be great if Gravity could be manipulated with a graph to make the hair curve or sweep). May try to deploy it as a 2.5 brush to allow incorporation of different materials to the hair element as well as masking capabilities if possible.

Zbrush no longer incorporates the brush manager. It seems to write a .ZBP file (in my case it placed it in the ZTools file . It seems that Zbrush keeps the brush Icon of the base brush that was used to create it. I would preffer to have more discrete access to the files as was provided by the brush manager
Zbrush is very unique and powerful program unfortunately fairly difficult to digest. . Moochie Thanks for this thread and your tutorials they where of great help.

I think I have attached the ZBP file zip (ZBrush the program is not the only thing requiring a learning curve)


JSal_Folicle1.zip (495 KB)

Extra cool follicle!

One thing which I have always missed in ZBrush…a thing which is so easy in Silo(maybe Mudbox too, haven’t tried): is the application of an alpha brush in one specific place using one mouse click.

Z always wants a ‘wiggle’ to start the process, and it’s not so easy sometimes to control the process.

Any hints or tips?

Where do you put this to install it? I tried startup/macros/brushes

Edit: searching the forums uncovered the install info.

Lovely work on these!

zbrush1.jpg Hi Moochie and contributors!

Moochie I loaded noggins brushes as instructed but when I try to select one I get the pop up shown in my screen grab image.The exact same pop happens when selecting any of the brushes ??
Any ideas please.
Loved the lessons by the way,I was up till 3am watching last night!

Thanks and thanks for any solutions

Thx Moochie for the vid tuts they were fun to to watch. :+1:

I thought Id try some old models of mine as alpha brushes, They turned out pretty clean as “relief brushes”. :sunglasses:




Hi Cal (thanks for your p.m._thought it best to answer in here)

Definitely an amateur here so I’m hoping that Moochie might chip in with some tips.
My brushes were created in ZB 3.1 following Moochies tutorials_ I find they didn’t work as designed in the latest version of Z3 but with some tweaking I can get the effect back.
I seem to have copies of my brushes in my default brush set now and don’t need to use the macro tabs at all_ I don’t know how this happened (but when I run the macro dialogue that says “converted brush saved to ZStartup:BrushPresets” and indeed there are my brush presets as *.zbp files in that folder)
The original files were in ZStartup/Macros?Nogginsbrushes as *.zsc files and a subfolder [Source] with the brush alphas.

If I have time this afternoon I’ll try and rebuild the brushes and create a folder like Fatmiri and see if that woks better