Newbie Challenge #001 Deco Brush


Hi New Zbrushers!!

This post might be a little long winded because it is the first. Forgive me for that.

Andreseloy and I have gotten together to bring you some challenges to help you learn zbrush. This first challenge might be kinda rough but we are just getting started…and learning some new things ourselves…but I promise you, that like you we will only get better!!!

These challenges will be left open as hopefully there is always someone new to Zbrush who will want to add what they have learned to the mix!!

The idea as it stands today (it might change as we grow in our abilities to guide and figure out a gameplan) is to start with the brushes, like the DECO BRUSH. The reason being for this is…we can show you the basics of how Zbrush works at the same time show you some more advanced stuff…step by step with the idea…each lesson will help you further down the road with Zbrush.

Kind of like the Practical Guide, but with more time spent on specific things and various ways of doing things, to give you more ideas and see different ways of doing things.

Keep in mind that we cannot show you every durn thing Zbrush does within each challenge, we will however endeavor to show you as many options possible for each lesson…some yes may be repeating…but only because they are important or necessary for using Zbrush and are the same for other tools.

With that said we are including a file here. This file includes two scripts on basics of Deco brush…

the first is very basic…how to get started using the brush

the second is basic…but will show you how to use the deco brush to create an alpha to use later as a skin for deforming a model. This one includes a deco ztool you can use to experiment with.

The third…Andreseloy…shows some magic and more advanced ways to use the Deco brush!!!

The file is a zip file and to use it properly you will need to unzip it into the Zbrush Zscripts folder.

then start Zbrush go to Zscript menu and click load…go to the Zbrush/zscripts/newbiechallengescripts folder to find the scripts.

You should also watch the very excellent Deco Brush tutorial included with zbrush.

remember you can turn on Actions and Notes in for scripts, you can also slow things down within the zscript menu.

At the very least…make sure Notes are turned on!!!

That said…your challenge is to take what you have learned and make some cool alphas for skins or create a cool tileable texture or create a cool alpha others can use for Meats Meier’s wire style, or paint a scene with it.

in other words…show us what you learned, and show us a creative way to use it that you discovered on your own!!!

And don’t forget some more scripts are on the way to give you a helping hand.

If you have a question about what you have seen please ask!

Good luck!!

Thanks for thinking of us - I have had Z for a while but still consider myself a newbie as I have hardly ever used it.

I hop to post to this thread quite soon.


Many,many thanks for the thoughtfullness and generousity that went
into this thread.
Would have expected no less,considering the names mentioned.

Edit: downloaded and tried the script(s).
One suggestion.
Keep these!!!
I believe you have a winning idea here that will bear fruition down the
Best of luck and again my thanks for something that I am sure
was not put together in a few minutes.

deco fire effect.jpg
Is an honour that aminuts invited me to cooperate in this usefull Challenge.
Here is a Deco Fire Effect. The files can download from my website because are greater than 200K. The alpha file is SKINFURR (im not sure if it from Ralf Stump so i apologize that i dont remember the name creator for the appropiate credits.).The R 218 G 72 B 14 color with the decofire ztool.
Thanks to aminuts, DaveG and bicc39.

The use of Deco Brush making wrinkles is very usefull.
The downloaded file are in my website.
Thanks for your attention


deco wrinkles head model.jpg

I watch all three and learned alot!

It might help,whenever possible to explain the tools within the context of a task (producing a model,creating a texture,etc.). I think that helps the learning process and adds another layer of instruction as well.

Sounds Familiar…:smiley:
Can I post too?:slight_smile:

hi everybody…thanks for the feed back!! I hope to see some Deco fun from you soon!!

Andreseloy…thanks for hosting those cool scripts on your site and your hard work!!

Kenkc…I wanted to get some very basics out first, if you check out what Andreseloy is hosting at his site…he has some scripts that will show you how it is useful for say taking that skin alpha and using it to deform a model. Having said that we will try to have more specifc scripts to show uses for the next challenge. We are newbies at this ourselves…we’ll do better next time around, I promise!:smiley:

hi Aztec,

I would be honored if you showed your stuff with the Deco Brush…or better yet create a zscript that will help explain what you are doing with it to our new friends!!

Now I really feel ignorant - I watched the first part and when I try it myself it just doesn’t work at all.

Tried a few times with the same result. :confused:

Shall I post a script?


I had my mouse and Wacom conflicting (Wacom mouse on tablet).

Sorry for that! :o

Phew! I am glad you discovered the problem!!!

I hope they help you out!!

More…I hope you have fun!!

Oh cool! I always learn things best when I worry away at one thing at a time until I ‘get’ it (or break it!). Typical bloke … can’t multi-task to save my life.

Hi Moochie,

Welcome to the club!! I hope our challenges will be of great use to you then!!

Don’t forget to show us that cool creation you make!!

Here is the first try from the first script! Hope you enjoy! I did! :smiley:


Background tex and tex for the “planet’s” made with the deco brush and the seamless trick. “Buttmen” from the super cool PeoplePoker Script! I love those guy’s. I left it a bit dark because I use it as screen background.

Thanks for the tutorial guy’s!!! I did not use the brush before… Now I saw a couple of really cool options!

PS:This is my FIRST ZB picture where I drew what I wanted 8-). Not what ZB wanted to surprise me with hahaha.

:slight_smile: utilizo fotografias como color y alphas para dar la sensacion de materia
variando la intensidad se logran diferentes calidades en la textura…dejo el gris de base para no saturar la imagen …encuentro esta herramienta muy util para trabajar en 2d ,solo comparable con los Brush de PAINTER
DECO_DOC3.jpg :
Gracias a Aminuts & Andreseloy por motivar a la exploracion de esta herramienta :sunglasses: :+1: :+1:



Okies. First go. I used alpha brush #54, experimented with the deco brush options, and made a sort of necklace. I grabbed the alpha and created a 3D object. Then slammed it through various distortions (random, I’m afraid, just looking for pleasing shapes), then played with various textures, lighting options, reflections maps and who knows what else. Went way way off topic. Heh heh. Here’s the result.

I loved the way everything blended together as you passed the strokes over each other…very cooldeco-scale.jpg

Cool idea Aminuts!

Here’s something i did while exploring the deco brush as a painting tool. Not meant to be “ART”. Just a sketch from me noggin.


attached is also the zscript.


Another one with various textures (brick wall, rusty wall, marble tiles etc) but no attempt yet for anything serious - just having fun! :smiley:

This is a good way to learn! Thanks guys! :+1: