New ZBrush Creature Pack!

Hey guys, I’m excited to share a very cool resource with you: The Creature pack.

This is a collaboration between ZBrush Artists to support the CFA (Country Fire Authority) in Australia in an effort to help fight the devastating bush fires. The CFA is one of the largest volunteer-based emergency services in the world.

The pack costs $20 and ALL PROFITS from this resource will be donated to the CFA, more specifically, to the Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria at the end of January 2020 (so the pack will only be available for a limited time only).

You can read more about the CFA here.


here is a ZBrush sketch that I did with this pack in about 10 min! - Just ‘insert’ and ‘adjusting’ the meshes.

this is a breakdown of the pieces I used from the pack:


The pack is essentially a curated set of more than 100 decimated meshes distributed in 5 awesome IMM brushes for ZBrush 2020. The ‘insert meshes’ in the pack include heads, torsos, legs, arms, and misc (horns, tales, and other weird stuff haha).

Here is a quick video showing a bit of the process while I was testing the pack:

Here is the link to get the pack

I hope you find this resource useful and thanks for the support. I’ll be posting updates in regards to the funds collected for the donation.



Great artist pack for an important cause :clap:

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This looks really good, and for a great cause. Does it work/load into ZBrush Core 2020, or does it only work with the full fat Zbrush 2020?
Also are there any restrictions on it’s use? Eg. can we use the new extractor brushes to just get details from these objects to use on other models?
I’m very, very far from commercial use, but can (more talented) peope use these in commercial projects?

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Thanks for this.
You give so much to the community! And ALL of it is simply fantastic.
Anyone reading this who has not joined Pablos mailing List (ZBRUSH GUIDES) you should do so. The tips and tricks he sends out are great and have taught me a lot.
Pablo … Thanks for all you do brother!


Just got them.
Great pack ( + I am in a middle of project where I could use a back buffalo leg…)
And even greater idea.

Respect for all the effort. Hope many will support.

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this one is for the full version of ZBrush 2020. You can totally use the Xtractor to grab details from the meshes, that’s a great idea!

Cheers mate! I’m glad you like the content in the emails. This week I got something cool to share too :wink:

Awesome! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with the pack!

Hey guys a couple of updates:

  1. I used the pack and demonstrated a bit of my workflow with the IMM brushes in a recent #ZBrushLive episode and here is what we worked on (all done with the pack):


  1. The response to the pack has been absolutely overwhelming! It is very heartwarming to see the solidarity and how supportive our ZBrush community is. I thought I give you an update on how much we have collected so far:

As of 20 of January (and we still have 11 days to go) we’ve collected:


Thank so much everyone for the contribution and I hope you are enjoying the creature pack! I’ll post another update soon and once I have send the money to the CFA!

Thanks again!

Good morning Pablo.

Now that it’s payday (which it probably is for anyone who’s paid either on the last Friday or the last working day of the month) I’ve just gone to try to buy this but the page had been taken down. You’d said that there was 11 days left, so is there any way it can just be put back for these last 24 hours so we can donate to the very worthy cause?
Thank you for your consideration in this.

Best regards