New Zbook!

Hello fellow Zbrusher!

Here is one part of my sparetime project I’m working on. It’s still not done, still have to make a few more blendshapes for the rigg and will have to make some adjustments to the textures. But I decided to try out some lighting and play around with the displacement map.

I’m not fully satisfied with the hair. It’s made with Yeti hair but might try Xgen for the final one.

I started this project to really get a better understanding of the face and I wanted to explore more inte rigging.
More will come soon enough!

Front_art Pixo.jpgSide_art_Pixo.jpg

I finally call this guy finished, even though there are lots more to do on it to make it perfect. But here is some more pictures and video of the facial rig.



Here is the video of the rig with animation and range of motion:

<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/308381742[/vv]